Funerals/Memorials at McClure United Church

McClure will provide funeral and memorial services to congregants, adherents and others from the wider community who seek to honor the life of the deceased in ways that are appropriate to the context of those who will attend and within the practices of faith understood by the United Church of Canada.

In the United Church of Canada, funeral and memorial services are not considered a sacrament; however, those that are conducted by a minister of McClure United Church are considered an act of worship. A sense of God’s presence is prayed for, and a blessing is asked for the person being honored.

Funeral and memorial services conducted at McClure United Church will normally be presided at by a McClure minister or those whom they designate to provide coverage during their absences, such as holidays, etc.

Information regarding remuneration of the minister, organist, and sanctuary rental shall be given to the deceased’s family or to the presiding funeral home by the minister or the church office. Remunerations shall be reviewed yearly by the Worship Committee and others as appropriate.

A funeral home requesting use of the sanctuary for funerals and memorial services to be presided at by other than a McClure minister or their designate, would be required to secure prior approval by one of the McClure ministers; the fee for the use of the sanctuary in that circumstance would be $500.

The required information regarding the deceased person shall be entered into the Burial Register by the church office.

Contact Us

Please call the church office at 306-373-1753 to book a funeral/memorial service