Job   Information
Youth Leader  
   McClure is hiring a Youth Leader.  We are looking for someone who will offer a fun Sunday morning experience for our youth and       who will create opportunities for McClure youth to connect with each other and the Church. Deadline for applications is     
   September 25, 2023.  Email applications to or drop a copy off at the church office!
Office Administrator 
  McClure is looking for a new office administrator! Click Here to find out more: Link



Job Title Description and More Information!
Sunday Office Volunteer
 Are you looking for a volunteer position that would fit your time schedule? We are looking for another volunteer to help in the church office on Sundays. If we get another person then it would probably be only once a month or so. This is a very flexible schedule. You will be required to help in the office before, and after the services. Your job would not require any typing, filing or computer work. You would be there to help answer any questions or direct people to the right person and also occasionally take names for tickets, envelopes, etc. A smile and a willing hand goes a long way. If this is something that you would like to do, please contact Carol Claypool at 306-664-2285 or via email at Please call if you have questions
 Casual Office Volunteer
Click here for more information

 Sound Booth volunteer
 The Worship Committee is seeking one or two individuals who would volunteer to  be in the Sound Booth to record the services. In the tech booth we have someone to:
  • operate lights and sound
  • handle rural connect (ie. our remote virtual partners) and cameras
  • progress the PowerPoint slides
Don't know much about tech? We can teach you!
You can go through a quick training session. Once you volunteer, you always work in pairs in the sound booth, and detailed instructions are given to you each Sunday! 
 Worship Committee Members
The worship committee is in need of members! Contact the office at (306) 272-1753 if you are interested!
  • Organizing Christmas Pageants,
  • working the Tech booth for Sunday services,
  • small set up for Sunday morning worship,
  • and more!
 Affirming Committee Members  McClure is looking for people to join our Affirming Committee!
 This committee works with other churches in Saskatoon to:
  • plan for the Pride Parade
  • Organize Rallies and Petitions
 As a church, the affirming Ministry: 
  • organizes social justice educational events for the congregation
  • maintain an equitable and accessible building (e.g. put out menstrual products in washroom
If interested, contact the church office at (306) 373-1753