Legacy Giving

McClure United Church has always been able to count on its members and adherents for the financial means to carry out the ministry and mission of the congregation. Annual giving along with the responses to special appeals have enabled the continuation of ongoing services and special projects such as the expansion of the church building and partnering with McClure Place in the seniors living project. Through the years, McClure has also experienced a third dimension of financial giving that being Legacy Giving. In this way, donors give from end of life accumulated assets rather than from monthly or annual income. Such gifts have affected the congregation in many positive ways.

A Legacy Gift

Donors give legacy gifts from end of life accumulated assets rather than from monthly or annual income.

Types of Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts include bequests in wills, charitable gift annuities, assignment of life insurance and transfer of other types of property such as cash, stock, bonds and real estate.

Importance of Legacy Gifts

Legacy gifts extend and enhance both the present and future mission of McClure United Church. They will enable the congregation to meet needs which is in keeping with McClure’s calling to be an outreach church caring for others in our community and our world.

Allocation of Legacy Gifts

The McClure Board has approved the following allocation formula for the allocation of undesignated legacy gifts:

• 35% toward the church mortgage until the mortgage is paid off, then to a building fund until it reaches $400,000, then this portion will be directed to the endowment fund.

• 35% toward an endowment that will serve people and the ministry and mission of McClure

• 30% to outreach projects that will be carefully planned, identified and selected to fulfill McClure’s outreach mission

Consider Leaving a Legacy Gift

It is never too early in life to consider planning for a legacy gift to the church. The provisions for your legacy gift need to be well planned and executed. You are encouraged to contact any member of the McClure United Church Legacy Giving Committee for advice on how to proceed.

A Statement of Faith

The disposition of our accumulated assets at death can be a powerful statement, a statement that we are grateful to God for the blessings of our lifetime. We have witnessed first hand the ministry and mission of the McClure congregation. This ministry feeds us and our families spiritually and through special projects improves the lives of those in our local community and beyond. To continue and build upon these ministries for the good of God’s people, we encourage members of the congregation to consider a legacy gift..

Please contact the McClure Church for the names of Committee members who can assist you in the process

Whatever gift each of you may have received, use it in service to one another,
like good stewards dispensing the grace of God in its varied forms. 

                                                                                                                     ​- I Peter 4:10