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On several occasions McClure United Church has wrestled with “Renewal” (future mission and goals).  In 1994-95, McClure anticipated the beginning of a new millennium with an examination of the past and an optimism of what the future holds.  The congregation was 28 years old and had been in the present building for 6 years.  Much energy had been focused on building McClure Place and the church building.  So, the question was “what now?”


As part of the future planning initiative Dale Morrison preached a message called “A New Millennium -A New Mission” and Joan Brown preached a message called “The Time That is Now”. Both were messages of hope and encouragement that speak to us today. 


Another important message is called “A Name to Live By”.  It reminds us of who Bob and Amy McClure were, how the congregation got its name and what responsibility comes with the name “McClure”.  Dale Morrison writes: “As a congregation that bears the name ‘McClure’, we have taken risks in the past and we will be challenged to take risks in the future.  The name ‘McClure will inspire us to chart our journey, not on the basis of what is safe or comfortable or profitable, but on the basis of what is right, on the basis of what is possible and on the basis of what is the will of God for us at any point in our journey.”


Happy reading!

Sheila Krueger


A New Millennium - A New MissionRev. Dale Morrison
The Time That is NowJoan Brown
A Name to Live ByRev. Dale Morrison

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