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McClure United Church, as a Christian community of faith,
participates in the worship of God, in study and in services to others.
The people, enabled by the Spirit of God, reflect God's love by their attitudes and actions

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Events - May

Food Drive

McClure is having a mini Food Bank Drive.  Our hope is that when you go to the grocery store you will purchase extra items to place in the blue bin each Sunday in May.  We hope to fill two bins if at all possible. This will help the Food Bank continue to serve those in need during the summer when we are off visiting family or holidaying.  If you would prefer to donate cash, you can do so with a cheque or e-transfer to McClure United Church.  Just specify it is for the Food Bank. 
McClure I know that you will rise to the challenge! 

Ministry and Personal Reviews

Ministry & Personnel Reviews
It’s that time of year again, when the Ministry & Personnel Committee reaches out to our McClure Church community to ask for your feedback regarding Debra's ministry over the past year.  We are also looking for feedback regarding our church office personnel.  Please contact Gaylene Gorniak, M & P Committee Chair, at: by Friday, May 26th with any comments you might have about how our minister and church office personnel have supported individuals, families, or groups/committees over the past year. Comments will be kept anonymous and confidential. We look forward to hearing from you!

Feedback on Rural Connect

Rural Connect Survey
We have been part of the Rural Connect ministry for one year now!  Rural Connect is McClure's ministry partnership with the rural congregations of Radville and Carlyle.  It seems like a good time to invite feedback from McClure Church congregants on the ministry's impact.
Please click on the following link to participate in the online Rural Connect Survey.
Rural Connect Survey:

Alternatively, you can pick up a paper copy of the Rural Connect Survey at both entrances to the sanctuary on the following Sundays:May 7th
May 14th May 21st Please only complete the survey once either online or via paper copy.  Completed paper copies of the survey can be returned to the feedback box provided in the church lobby.
All surveys are due by Sunday, May 21st.

Events -  May/June

Wednesday May 31

Bake Potato Fundraiser


All profits raised will go toward the maintenance of the Van.  Did you know that we have 15 members of the congregation that use the van to come to church services on Sunday?  

Sunday June 4

McClure Place AGM

You can download the McClure Place and McClure Foundation Annual reports by going to media and resources at the top of the page and looking under reports.

Bookings begin June 4th

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