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Thank You Messages for Brian

Brian Walton joined our ministry team in the spring of 2018 and in the September newsletter, described himself as the “new guy.” Well, it is time for us to say our thank you to Brian as his term is over at the end of June.

We can’t get together physically at the church for a celebration of Brian’s time with us, but we can still celebrate and express our thanks.

Please consider taking a short video of yourself and/or your family/household/ group completing this sentence: “I would like Brian to know that...”

Email your clip to by Thursday, June 25.

This montage of thank you’s in gratitude to Brian will be played during his last online Sunday service with us on June 28. At the end of the service, you may also include your well wishes in the comment section on Facebook or YouTube.

We also invite you to send messages of thanks in a note or card, which can be sent to the church address or placed in the outdoor mailbox by the church office entrance doors.

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