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Note from Laura

July 1 will be the start of my 15th year of team ministry with this amazing faith community. Time has gone by very quickly and yet so much has happened.  I am super excited to be heading out on another leg of this journey together.
Change is not new to me at McClure. When I was initially called to this congregation in 2006, my ministry was focused on children’s ministry, small group ministry, outreach and pastoral care –as well as shared worship leadership, funerals, weddings etc. I want to note that when I came to McClure I was very clear that I was NOT called to ministry with youth. Youth scared me a little bit (quite a lot, actually).
In 2010 when we found ourselves without a youth minister, I reluctantly offered to take on that ministry role while we continued to search for a “real” youth minster.  Well, wouldn’t you know it… I was transformed – my heart burst open and I found a passion I didn’t know existed. In early 2011, I spoke with the Joint Needs Assessment Committee and proposed a complete shift in ministry positions – believing it made sense to put ministry with children, youth, young adults and families under one portfolio. These past 9 years serving in this capacity has been such an unbelievable gift (with a few challenging moments).
So, while I will miss the freedom a 3 ministry team offered in being able to do more things and offer more programs etc, I trust that this new configuration will also be a gift in many ways.  I am excited about moving into a new way of being team with Debra and with the entire congregation. No doubt there will be snags along the way as we figure out how to live into this new reality but I am excited to see what will unfold.  I am as curious as everyone else as to how we continue to be an active and engaged community without the same degree of staff initiative and direct support… but I have no doubt we can do it. Over the years I have come to know McClure as a community who cares deeply for its members and for the wider community.  If something needs to happen, there are people who will get it done. My sense at the present time is that we all need a little rest.  It’s been a tough couple of years and some recovery time is in order. So we will rest, we will pray, and we will once again be energized to do God’s work in some similar but in many new and exciting ways.
I am excited to move forward with the children, youth, young adults and families with the added responsibility for more worship leadership as well as sharing more fully in the Celebration of Life Services for our community members. I invite your prayers for Debra and I as we move into this new time together in leadership among you.
A couple of other things to note:
  • Zoom programming with children and youth will end for the summer on June 28.
  • Friday Morning Virtual Coffee Time will end on June 26 (we are considering an outdoor face-to-face coffee time beginning July 3 – stay tuned)
  • We are offering a Virtual Summer Camp for children during the month of July.
  • The GO Project (a program for youth) has also gone online for the summer.
For more information about these or any other program ideas or pastoral concerns, please feel free to contact me at or phone/text 306-291-5838. Program information is also posted on McClure’s Facebook page and on our website.

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