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Note from Debra

It would seem, my friends, that we have been on an epic journey these past three years. We have experienced heart-breaking goodbyes, spirit filled visioning, mind altering change, pandemic disorientation and God’s strong love and presence. Through all this there has been a ton of work to do. I want to thank everyone who stepped into this epic journey and did what they could with skill, faith, grace and determination.

It has been my privilege to walk with you on the way. I’ve done my best to minister with you but no doubt I have failed on several occasions and for those times I ask your forgiveness. I thank you for your grace and for trusting me along the way. We now turn a corner together and I want to thank you for asking me to continue to journey with you.

Things will be different as we move forward. What you are asking me to do and what you are asking Laura to do, as your ministry team, is very different then what it once was. I hear many of you worrying about our work loads and you have acknowledged that we cannot expect two people to do the work of three. And you are right, thing are going to be very different. I know there are going to be challenges ahead as we figure out this new relationship. I am confident however that we will continue to walk with faith, grace and determination. I am excited about where God is leading.

As we move forward we need to let go of our formal relationship with Brian Walton. What a joy it has been to minister with a mentor and friend. I am so very grateful for the support, wisdom and companionship Brian has offered me as we ministered together. McClure has been blessed beyond measure with Brian’s presence.  I pray Brain and Victoria will feel our appreciation and our continued welcome. One of the things I am missing most these pandemic days is singing with you. The hymn that keeps coming to mind in this moment is “In Loving Partnership We Come” and in particular verse 4. 

In loving partnership,
O God,help us your future to proclaim.
Justice and peace be our desire,
we humbly pray in Jesus name.

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