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Lunches in a Bag for Lighthouse

McClure United Church continues to support Lighthouse Supported Living during the COVID 19 pandemic. Our Outreach Committee has made a lump sum contribution because of the immediate need. Unfortunately, at this time, we are not able to help with the serving of meals as we did in the past. Therefore, we have begun a new project called, “Lunches for Lighthouse.”

Volunteers are preparing bagged lunches (sandwiches, fresh veggies and a fruit) that are delivered to the Lighthouse for distribution by the staff to the residents. They serve many more people but this will certainly be a big help. Because of health and safety regulations we have a small core of volunteers doing the lunch prep, usually at their own expense.

If you would like to make a contribution for the purchase of supplies that would be wonderful. Cheques can be made out to McClure United Church, and you could indicate “for the Lunches for Lighthouse project.”

Our church has done an amazing job of staying connected during these last weeks and it is good to know that we are connecting with others in our city-wide community!

For more information, contact Terry Clark at

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