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Community of Faith Profile Survey Update

Thank you to all who participated in the Community of Faith Profile survey held last month. We received 206 individual responses from members of the McClure United Church community. Your important feedback directly informed the decisions made by the Board at the meeting on May 26th.

A 60.9% majority of respondents agreed with the motion to decrease the number of ministry staff. While 13.0% and 26.1% of respondents disagreed or neither agreed nor disagreed respectively. Many comments highlighted two things: 1) an understanding of the fiscal realities related to staffing, and 2) a need to prioritize duties for the remaining ministry personnel.

Relating to prioritization of ministry personnel duties, respondents ranked providing funeral services, worship, sacraments and pastoral/spiritual care to be most important. On the other side of the spectrum, respondents viewed nurturing the covenant with Holy Spirit Church, drop-in office availability and leading small groups with no Christian education component as least important.

Ranking the importance of the Board’s strategic initiatives proved more difficult as the averages of each selection proved close to parity. The weighted average of all selections fell between 3.37 and 2.59 points out of a possible 4.0—all within the category of “Quite Important”. The highest ranked initiative proved to be to continue to respond to the new realities of COVID-19. Conversely, the lowest ranked initiative was to use the remainder of the Embracing the Spirit Grant to engage with the community based on the findings from the Visioning Workshops.

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