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Board Report: Meeting held April 28, 2020

Community of Faith Profile reviewed by the Board prior to seeking feedback from the congregation
The Board reviewed the Community of Faith Profile (COFP) at its regular meeting on April 8. The COFP was prepared in response to congregation's decision in October 2019 to suspend the search for a third minister. For over two years, our congregation has been engaged in deep reflection about the vision and mission-in-action.  The COFP includes a strategic plan that lays out a series of actions intended to enable our community of faith to live forward faithfully and sustainably. Notably, the report makes a recommendation to reduce the number of ministry positions from three to two, and suggests position profiles for the ministry personnel consistent with the priorities of the congregation. The congregation will be asked in May to complete a survey as a means of obtaining feedback on the report and its  recommendations. The Board will make decisions on the COFP at its next regular meeting on May 28.   
 Board approves 2019 Audit Report and receives 2020 first quarter financial results
The auditor's report for 2019 was received and approved by the Board.  The General Operating Fund had a year-end deficit of $52,391 while Restricted Funds (Capital, Memorials and Bequests, and Miscellaneous single purposed Funds) saw a combined surplus of $15,702.  
The 2020 first quarter results show year-to-date revenue of $166,500 and expenses of $170,167.  Particularly heartening is that unrestricted donations are holding at or above the previous year despite the COVID19 disruption to the life of the congregation. The Board offers thanks to the congregation for keeping donations up during these difficult times. The Board also noted with thanks the action of McClure Place to discontinue any charges to McClure Church for housekeeping, set-up and security retroactive to March 1, 2020.  
The Government of Canada has implemented a number of programs that are intended to assist organizations with business continuity and salary continuation due to economic disruptions caused by the COVID19 pandemic. We continue to monitor these programs for our church's eligibility and are applying for assistance.  

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