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When Will We Be Worshiping In Our Building?

We have decided, in conjunction with the ministers, and Board Chair, Chair-elect, and Past Chair, that we will not hold worship services in the building until at least September. There are a few things going on in the building:

  • McClure Place has resumed their In-Motion activities, and occasional other small events in the Sanctuary, 
  • Staff are occasionally working from the office,
  • Some maintenance and computer upgrades are happening, and
  • We have invited the Anonymous groups (AA etc.) to meet in the Multi-Purpose Room starting mid-July. We will allow other groups to use this space as well, if they meet the guidelines for using our building.

In the meantime, thank you to our ministers and musicians who are doing a great job of providing on-line worship and other activities.

If you have questions about access to the building, contact me or the church office.

Angie Bugg, Building Access Task Group

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