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When Can We Come Back To Church?

No doubt you have heard that the Government of Saskatchewan has announced that places of worship may resume services as of June 8. As much as we all miss each other, and miss having worship services at the church, we will not be meeting at the church yet. To protect people’s health, we would only be able to have a small number of people in the church at a time, and we would not be able to sing, shake hands, or have coffee.

In March we stepped away from the building so abruptly it would be great to just flip the lights back on and start up again but our return to “in the building worship” and other activities needs to be done thoughtfully. A small team is working on a reopening plan for our church building and will keep you posted. In the meantime, McClure Place maintenance staff are watching over our building for us.

The Building Access Task Group is Angie Bugg (Chair), Lana Morelli, and Brooklyn Donsberger, with help from Holly Knuttila. We will be making recommendations to the Church Board regarding things like:

Guidelines for accessing the building for:

  • Staff and volunteers working in the office
  • Rentals (preschool, 12 step groups, etc.)
  • Church committees
  • Worship
  • Maintenance
  • Etc.

Guidelines for building capacity, and physical distancing protocols

  • Cleaning protocols
  • Contact tracing protocols
  • Guidelines for use of personal protective equipment

Guidelines will be evidence based, and will follow the recommendations of:

  • Saskatchewan Ministry of Health,
  • United Church of Canada, and
  • Living Skies Regional Council.

Guidelines will be sensitive to the vulnerability and needs of our many user groups, primarily:

  • McClure Place and Amy McClure House residents and staff,
  • McClure United Church staff and volunteers, and
  • Members of McClure United Church.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Angie Bugg at 306.227.1270 or

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