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McClure Updates - April 2020

2020 AGM Postponed

The Board decided at a special meeting on April 7 that the 2020 AGM will be postponed and will be rescheduled pending more guidance from the United Church of Canada.  There appear to be no legal or operational  impediments to delaying the 2020 AGM. In hindsight it is fortunate that the congregation had opportunity to meet and approve the 2020 budget on March 1. The 2019 audited financial statements will be reviewed by the Board later this month. The Canada Revenue Agency deadline for receipt of audited financial reports from charitable organizations has been extended to December 31. The nominations report that would have been presented this month to the AGM was received and endorsed by the Board on behalf of the congregation.  The full slate of nominations to the Board and committees is posted on the website and the congregation will have an opportunity later in the year to ratify the nominations. In the meantime, the change in Board and Committee membership will take effect on April 15. 

Board holds first meeting by computer conferencing

The Board met on April 7 by computer conferencing, with an agenda focused on procedural matters and particularly on how to continue the business of the congregation as we practice physical distancing during the Covid pandemic. The Board amended its normal meeting protocols to enable business to be conducted  via computer conferencing.  Decisions made will hold the same force of effect as a face-to-face meeting. Computer conferencing enables real time discussion of matters and voting on motions. 

The Board also approved postponement of the 2020 AGM, and adopted the nominations for Board and Committee members on behalf of the congregation.

The Board will be closely scrutinizing the year-to-date financial statements at its regular meeting on April 28 and is prepared to make adjustments to the 2020 budget if necessary. In a related matter the Board is monitoring the government programs that are intended to assist organizations with business continuity and salary continuation during this unprecedented time and will apply for assistance for which McClure United Church is eligible. 

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