In-building Worship Update

We miss you and want to see you. But not yet.

The Board, working together with the ministry staff, Worship Committee, Ministry and Personnel Committee, and Building Access Task Group have decided that throughout Advent and Christmas, we will continue to worship online. In January we will reassess whether it’s time to be worshiping in our building again.

We believe that the best way to be a congregation right now is to not congregate.

Although our building is quiet, it’s not totally empty:

  • McClure Place has resumed their In-Motion activities, and occasional other small events in the Sanctuary, and residents are walking “the loop”.
  • Staff are occasionally working from the office,
  • Some maintenance and computer upgrades are happening, and
  • Meeting space for 12 step groups will continue to be a priority as well as other groups directly connected to our ministry and mission. 

Through advent, watch for special advent materials which our ministers and music personnel are putting together.

If you want to have an activity at the church please look at the guidelines and fill out the form on this page. And any time you have questions about access to the building, please contact me.

Angie Bugg, Building Access Task Group
(306) 227-1270

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