Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Full Song

Below is a link to a Youtube video that plays the full song. You can use this one to record yourself doing the dance.

Dance Tutorials

As promised here are the Jerusalema dance tutorials. There are two versions:

Submission Guidelines

Once your dance is completed and successfully recorded, you can put it in this Google Drive folder:

If you aren't familiar with Google Drive, you can: 

  1. call, text, or email Laura for help at (306) 291-5838
  2. try to send it through email to
  3. call, text, or email Laura to find another option that works better for you (for example, put it on a USB drive that I can pick up).

We need all videos no later than May 16th.

Please please participate AND have a fun time. No one is judging you. This is just an opportunity to do something together and to have a little fun in the process.

Let us dance this season like no one is watching – with freedom and courage – allowing the Spirit of God to move us with hope and joy.

Dare to Dance

When Jesus appeared to the disciples, everything did not magically become better for them. They had still witnessed the violence of Jesus’ death. They were still being mocked and persecuted. But they also knew that Good Friday wasn’t the end of the road… that it was, in fact, the beginning of something new. There was a new dance stirring within them – a dance that led them out of the upper room and into the world to share the good news they had witnessed.

And that is our challenge as well – to find a way out of our own upper rooms of fear, worry, and hopelessness and dance the dance of freedom and courage. We need to dare to dance again.