Can & Bottle Collection for Cosmo Industries

The Outreach Committee would like you to SAVE the date, and SAVE all your cans and bottles in support of Cosmo Industries.

When: Friday, September 24th, 10 AM – 2 PM
Where: McClure Church parking lot

We also want to congratulate Cosmo Industries on their 50th anniversary. They appreciate the support they’ve received from us in the past.

So enjoy your beverages this summer… and remember to save those cans and bottles!  

Who is Cosmo? They are a non-profit organization in Saskatoon that exists to provide opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. They offer a community-based approach that includes quality of life, satellite, and supported work programs with the intent that each individual they serve can live a more meaningful productive life. To date, they receive funding from the government for participants and staff, but they rely fully on fundraisers for all their quality programming. Here’s our chance to make a difference.

For more information about Cosmo, and the amazing work they do, you can visit their website at