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Bottle Drive

Do you need to get rid of all those cans and bottles collecting in your garage? Are you also looking for another opportunity to “Be the Church”?  We have the perfect solution.

Please bring your donation of cans and bottles in a securely tied bag. Kindly deliver these items to the McClure United Church parking lot (4025 Taylor Street East) on:

Thursday, October 22, from 6-8PM OR
Friday, October 23, from 10AM-Noon

Who is Cosmo? They are a non-profit organization in Saskatoon that exists to provide opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. They offer a community based approach which includes quality of life, satellite and supported work programs with the intent that each individual they serve can live a more meaningful productive life. To date, they receive funding from the government for participants and staff, but they rely fully on fundraisers for all their quality programming. Here’s our chance to make a difference.

For more information about Cosmo, and the amazing work they do, you can visit their website at

Bee the Church

Have you been wondering how to get the delicious honey that was sold at the November Sale for the last two years?

This local honey is from The Lucky Bees Apiary of Joe and Janet Olson (family of Lydia Gray in the McClure Tower). Well, it’s your lucky day. The honey wagon will be in attendance at the two bottle drive drop off times listed above.

Come with $5 and you can walk away with a delicious jar of honey. Proceeds will go to our refugee projects that will be happening soon.

Hope to see you buzzing around soon!

Cash Donations

Cash donations are also welcome and will be sent to Cosmo Industries. They can be dropped off at the event on Thursday evening or Friday morning.

Another option is to donate by cheque or e-transfer to McClure United Church as a specific donation to "Being the Church".

Donate online by clicking here.